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President Donald Trump is the election meddler-in-chief.Trump won’t stop interfering in the election.

In his latest assault on the integrity of November’s vote, Trump denigrated mail-in voting and in a staggering moment, appeared to suggest North Carolinians should try to vote twice — a potential crime — to test its security.

More evidence of meddling came earlier Wednesday with the news that Trump’s Department of Homeland Security withheld an intelligence bulletin warning of a Russian plot to spread misinformation about Joe Biden’s health, which mirrored the President’s own attacks. The report, first revealed by ABC News, followed the Director of National Intelligence’s decision to stop in-person lawmaker briefings about election interference — a move Democrats say could shield foreign actors who want to help Trump.

If the story of the 2016 election was a broad meddling operation by a foreign power to favor Trump, the emerging story of the 2020 election increasingly appears to be an attempt by the President to use executive power to swing the election his way. There has never been a modern American election in which a President has so publicly and unashamedly tried to portray the sacred quadrennial exercise in democracy as corrupt.

Trump’s attempt to discredit mail-in voting got a strong assist from Attorney General William Barr, who declared that changing to such a system would be “reckless and dangerous,” in an interview with CNN on Wednesday.

“This is playing with fire. We’re a very closely divided country here,” Barr told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on “The Situation Room.” Asked for evidence to defend his claim that foreign adversaries could dump large numbers of fraudulent mail-in ballots into the system, Barr told Blitzer: “Logic.” US intelligence officials have said there is no evidence to suggest that the election could be threatened in such a manner. Barr also claimed that China, not Russia, was the most active foreign foe in interfering in the election. Last month, intelligence officials said that while Beijing wanted Trump to lose, Russia was making a far more aggressive attempt to hurt Biden.Read More……………