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After three marathon days of Democratic arguments at Trump’s impeachment trial, GOP senators haven’t budged.

Senate Republicans spent three days listening to the House impeachment managers present a comprehensive case for removing President Donald Trump from office — an elaborate, multimedia narrative laying out a wide array of offenses allegedly committed to benefit the president’s personal political fortunes at the expense of the nation.

Yet few Republicans will publicly admit they’ve heard anything done by Trump that was wrong or unethical or inappropriate at all, let alone impeachable.

A small minority of GOP senators may ultimately end up mildly criticizing the president’s behavior in requesting investigations into Joe Biden and delaying military aid to Ukraine. But any expressions of disapproval are muted, or explained away as an honest mistake by a frustrated president who just wanted to fight corruption in Ukraine.

“I do things every week that are inappropriate. So no, I’m not going to go down that road,” said Sen. Roger Wicker (R-Miss.). “This is a constitutional remedy that was designed for the most extreme of cases and we’re just not anywhere in that [ball] park.”

It’s a reminder of the unyielding grip Trump has on his party and the lack of a middle ground that exists for Republicans when it comes to the president.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) stood on the floor Friday passionately exhorting senators to remove Trump from office, warning them that a president who solicits a foreign government to investigate a political rival would do it to them if they got in Trump’s way. “It shouldn’t matter that it was Joe Biden because I’ll tell you something, the next time it just may be you,” Schiff warned. “It just may be you.”

However, it is very unlikely that more than one or two Republican senators are even considering a vote to convict Trump and remove him from office, far from the 20 needed to reach the 67-vote threshold required by the Constitution. GOP leaders and aides privately doubt any Republican will cast such a vote, especially after they hear from Trump’s defense team over the next few days, and particularly if a key procedural vote on hearing witnesses is defeated next week. Read more

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