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Donald Trump has said that he wants to find and prosecute the person who leaked information about his trip to the White House bunker amidst George Floyd protests in Washington, according to a report.

Three sources told The New York Times that Mr Trump has become “consumed” with pinpointing where the leak came from and reprimanding those involved.

The report said Mr Trump is demanding that officials find and prosecute those responsible for divulging information about his trip to the bunker, which was then widely reported by the media.

Reports that the president was rushed to the White House bunker for his safety during the third night of violent clashes between the police and protesters emerged on 1 June.

Sources told CNN that the president, the first lady, and their son Barron were all taken to the bunker as part of an emergency protocol for close to an hour.

Mr Trump later claimed that he went down to the White House bunker for an “inspection,” although US Attorney General William Barr contradicted the president’s claim and confirmed that Mr Trump went down to the bunker because the Secret Service recommended it.

“On Monday we were responding to three days of extremely violent demonstrations, right across from the White House. A lot of injuries to police officers,  arson,” Mr Barr said in an interview with Fox News.

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