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President Donald Trump on Thursday forcefully denies report in The Atlantic magazine that he had disparaged US service members killed in battle and chose to skip a ceremony honoring veterans.

Speaking to reporters after returning from a rally in Pennsylvania, the President said the report was “a disgraceful situation.”
“To think that I would make statements negative to our military when nobody has done what I’ve done, with the budgets and the military budget. We’re getting pay raises for the military. It is a disgraceful situation, by a magazine that is a terrible magazine, I don’t read it,” he said.

CNN has not independently confirmed The Atlantic’s report.
The Atlantic specifically reported that Trump didn’t want to attend a ceremony at the Belleau Wood Aisne-Marne American Cemetery in France in 2018 because he was concerned that the rain would dishevel his hair.

CNN reporters in France during the President’s visit, however, reported that local weather reports indicated there was a low ceiling and heavy rain in the area of the cemetery, and authorities at the time said there was not time to organize French security to cover a long motorcade route.

Trump insisted Thursday evening that the Secret Service had prevented him from attending the ceremony.
“I was ready to go to a ceremony. I had two of them, one the following day, it was pouring and I went to that. The reason it couldn’t fly because it was raining about as hard as I’ve ever seen, and on top of that it was very, very foggy and the helicopter was unable to fly,” he said.

The Secret Service, Trump recounted, “told me you can’t do it. I said I have to do that, I want to be there.”
Trump said he then “called home, I spoke to my wife and I said, ‘I hate this. I came here to go to that ceremony.’ And to the one that was the following day, which I did go to. I said I feel terribly. And that was the end of it.” Read More……………

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