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Oh boy – Pelosi and Schiff are in big trouble now

You might remember Trey Gowdy. He was the firebrand that exposed Hillary Clinton and what she did during Benghazi. He led the investigation that showed the former Secretary of State sat back and refused to send aid.

That was one of many tipping points that cost Clinton the election. Thanks to Gowdy, we knew just what kind of person she was.

Gowdy stepped away from Congress last year. But it looks like he’s having a bigger impact now that when he was in government.

Now, his latest assignment will have Democrats fleeing in panic. Because he’s joining Trump’s team.

From Washington Examiner:

Former Rep. Trey Gowdy has agreed to a request from the White House to assist President Trump as the Democrat-led impeachment inquiry moves forward…

“Confirmed, per a senior White House official, who says Trump has blessed the move,” Washington Post White House reporter Josh Dawsey tweeted on Tuesday night. “Trey Gowdy is on the Trump team.”

Wow. Trey Gowdy has agreed to work with the White House in the fight against the impeachment Democrats.

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