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Ocasio-Cortez just went straight for the jugular after Lindsey Graham told Trump Jr. to ignore a subpoena

President Trump’s flagrant lawlessness has infected his party to its core, inspiring Republican politicians to engage in a level of outright and obvious corruption that would have been unthinkable just a few short years ago.

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), a formerly respected member of his party, has gone full MAGA, embracing all the criminality that the ethos entails. Calls for his resignation have cropped up with the recent news that he directed Donald Trump Jr. to ignore a subpoena issued by the Senate.

It should go without saying that a subpoena by its very nature and purpose cannot simply be ignored, and Graham’s direction to do so marks a tilt into full-blown authoritarianism on his part. It’s a knowing repudiation of the powers invested in the legislative branch by the Constitution and a clear sign that Graham cares little about the laws he has sworn to protect.

Whether Graham is angling for a place in the administration, hopes to inherit Trump’s crazed followers for an eventual presidential run of his own, or simply believes he must support the president in order to hold onto his Senate seat is as yet unclear, but what is clear is that he is betraying democracy to serve his own selfish needs. Read more

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