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The senseless killings of George Floyd and countless other Black Americans while in police custody have sparked the largest and most diverse mass protests in the history of the United States. You might think everyone would now be focusing on how to fix a system that has mercilessly subjugated, brutalized and killed Black and brown people in this country. But you would be wrong.

Instead of trying to come together and figure out how America can live up to its promise of equality for all, too many people prefer to stoke the flames of anti-Semitism. The wave of outrage over systemic racism has provoked anti-Semitic accusations that Jews — specifically my father, George Soros — are organizing the protests behind the scenes.

Consider this: My father was mentioned on Twitter in connection with the protests 500,000 times a day in late May and 68,746 times on Facebook throughout the month. That broke the record of 38,326 mentions in October 2018, when he was falsely accused of funding a migrant caravan to the southern border.

And these vile allegations are not confined to the margins of social media. Just last week, John Kass, a prominent conservative columnist for the Chicago Tribune, claimed that my father was somehow responsible for the unrest in Chicago and other American cities because of his support for a liberal approach to criminal justice, one that Kass alleged has allowed felons out on the streets and created an environment that feeds the protests.

Blaming Jews for mass civil rights movements is a textbook white supremacy tactic that has been around for longer than anyone reading this article has been alive. The logic is simple: Those who promote these lies want you to believe that Black and brown people are not smart or strategic enough to organize such actions themselves, so Jews must be pulling the strings.

This construct also ties into the abhorrent “replacement” conspiracy theory that flourishes in the darker corners of the internet, such as on 4chan, Gab and Reddit’s now-suspended The_Donald subreddit: Evil Jewish financiers want to somehow replace white people with supposedly more pliant people of color.

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