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For many Americans, Memorial Day marks the start of barbecue season. But the ripple effects of the coronavirus pandemic are likely to cause meat shortages to worsen in the coming months, with analysts predicting that grocery stores could see their supply slashed by a third. Despite introducing new safety measures for workers, three of the nation’s largest meat processors have seen coronavirus infections nearly quadruple over the past month, a Washington Post analysis found.

Similar concerns are mounting in Europe, where a growing number of coronavirus outbreaks have been linked to slaughterhouses and meat processing plants in Ireland, the United KingdomSpain and Germany.

Here are some significant developments:

  • President Trump threatened on Monday to find a new home for the Republican National Convention because the Democratic governor of North Carolina, where the event is scheduled to take place in August, is still in a “shutdown mood.” Republicans in Florida, which has reopened at a faster pace, are lobbying to move the convention there.
  • The World Health Organization announced Monday that it would temporarily remove the antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine from coronavirus trials due to safety concerns.
  • Middle Eastern nations including Syria, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait announced plans to loosen coronavirus-related restrictions this week. Both Saudi Arabia and Kuwait have seen a sharp increase in infections since the start of Ramadan, while Syria’s relatively low number of cases is attributed to the country’s low rate of testing.
  • Face coverings once again became a partisan issue on Memorial Day, with former vice president Joe Biden wearing a mask while President Trump went without. Trump later shared a tweet from Fox News commentator Brit Hume that mocked Biden for covering up, prompting condemnation from Democrats.Read More..

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