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Jacob Blake protests: Three people have been shot – one fatally – as gunfire broke out during protests over the police shooting of a black man in Wisconsin, according to US media reports.

It comes on the third straight day of unrest – the New York Times reported, citing a police chief – after Jacob Blake was shot several times in Kenosha on Sunday while trying to break up a fight between two women.

Riot police fired rubber bullets and tear gas to push back demonstrators on Tuesday night who defied a dawn-to-dusk curfew and gathered outside a court building and adjacent park at the centre of the city.

Most people left the area, but some walked to a nearby petrol station, according to the newspaper, which said the atmosphere became tense as some of those gathered started to argue and shove each other.

Police arrived in armoured trucks and urged the crowd to go home, before shots were fired after midnight.

Three people were hit by the gunfire and one died, the paper reported, quoting Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth in Jacob Blake protests.

He said the investigation was focused on a group of men with guns outside the petrol station, and that officers were scouring video taken just before the shooting.

Footage posted on social media on Wednesday showed several people rushing towards a man firing at them with a gun.

One person falls to the ground. Several other shots are heard in the background.

Another video shared online of the aftermath shows a man with a severe arm wound sitting on the ground while he is tended to by a man holding a gun as police approach.

On Tuesday Mr Blake’s mother, Julia Jackson, said her son would be “very unpleased” if he could see the violence that had befallen the city since he was shot.

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