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Florida Radio Stations To Broadcast Trump Speeches Daily Until 2020 Election

The hourly broadcasts are meant to remind Trump of his vow to rebuild the Panhandle after Hurricane Michael.

Donald Trump likely benefited from free airtime in the 2016 presidential election, data shows, and that’s exactly what one Florida radio station owner is hoping to dangle for attention.

Three Panhandle radio stations are broadcasting snippets of the president’s speeches every hour until the end of the 2020 presidential election as a way to support his re-election and remind him of his promise to rebuild the area following Hurricane Michael’s destruction, the stations’ owner said.

“We’re supporting him and hoping that he’ll do just as he says he’s going to do,” owner Samuel Rogatinsky told HuffPost.

The three stations ― adult hits station Bob FM on 105.1 WASJ, country music station Kick’n Country on 103.5 WKNK and classic rock station 95.9 WRBA ― are all operated by the new company Gulf Coast Media Inc. and cover Bay County, Florida. Seventy-one percent of voters in Bay County voted for Trump in the 2016 election.

This area was devastated last year by the Category 5 storm, which caused an estimated $25 billion in damage. Large areas of the Panhandle are still struggling to recover from Hurricane Michael.

This has prompted Rogatinsky, who also has a law office in Fort Lauderdale, to fear that the area has been “forgotten.” Read more

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