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The Trump administration will begin enforcing restrictions on travel from Brazil two days ahead of schedule, as the South American nation outpaces the United States’s daily death toll from the coronavirus.

The White House announced Sunday that foreigners who have visited Brazil in the past 14 days would be barred from entering the U.S., beginning Friday at midnight. On Monday, officials adjusted that timeline to allow the ban to go into place at midnight on Wednesday.

The change comes as Brazil’s coronavirus outbreak has worsened, with the country’s Health Ministry reporting 807 new deaths over the past 24 hours on Monday. The U.S. recorded 620 deaths during that same period, marking the first time that Brazil has reported a higher death toll.

While the U.S. numbers may be artificially low because of the long holiday weekend, Brazil’s death counts are also thought to be unreliable because the country tests for covid-19 at a rate far lower than other nations, including the United States.

The World Health Organization’s executive director, Michael Ryan, warned Monday that Brazil should keep stay-at-home measures in place and refrain from reopening its economy until widespread testing is introduced.Read More..

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