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Lawmakers again expressed anger and frustration at the news that the white house again will be tapping the pentagon’s budget to pay for president trump’s long promised border wall.

 The administration plans to redirect some of the defense department (7.2billion) money for the construction, health and other military programs for wall construction .President Trump is preparing to divert an additional $7.2 billion in Pentagon funding for border wall construction this year, five times what Congress authorized him to spend on the project in the 2020 budget, according to internal planning figures obtained by The Washington Post.

Trump took $2.5 billion from military countered programs for border barrier construction in 2019, but this year his administration is planning to take significantly more — $3.5 billion. Trump administration officials also are planning to take $3.7 billion in military construction funding, slightly more than the $3.6 billion diverted in 2019.

“I think they’d spent the money somewhere else ,instead of defense” Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Richard C. Shelby,Alabama Republican,told reporters Tuesday Mr. Shelby also heads the panel’s subcommittee on defense .

The 5th Circuit panel said the administration would be entitled to the same relief granted by the Supreme Court in that decision.

Stephanie Gresham, the White House press secretary, celebrated the court’s ruling in a statement, saying it had “lifted an illegitimate nationwide injunction” and “in doing so has allowed vital border wall construction to move forward using military construction funds.”

“This is a victory for the rule of law,” Gresham’s statement said. “We are committed to keeping our borders secure, and we will finish the wall.”

Homeland security officials have repeatedly moved the goal posts to scale back Trump’s ambitious construction targets, bringing criticism that they have not worked fast enough to deliver on the president’s signature promise.

During an event at the border in Yuma, Ariz., last week marking the completion of the 100th mile of barrier, Chad F. Wolf, acting homeland security secretary, said the administration has not fallen behind.

It was the first time an administration official had counted barriers “under construction”toward the president’s pledge to complete 450 miles.