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Trump’s North Korea pressure campaign is working


North Korea’s reported new willingness to discuss giving up its nuclear weapons is a sign that the Trump administration’s pressure campaign against the nation is working. But this does not mean that the U.S. should back off on sanctions.

Quite the contrary. We must continue to ratchet up pressure against the rogue regime if we want it to truly abandon its nuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missile programs.

The fact is that the latest round of sanctions announced two weeks ago will only incrementally add to the pressure on the North’s economy. They will not cripple it.

To really have an impact – and possibly deprive North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un of the ability to launch a horrific nuclear attack on the United States – we need to go one step further and mount a naval blockade on North Korea’s ports.

This is certainly a big step and it certainly carries dangers. But the dangers of North Korea hitting an American city with an atomic or hydrogen bomb are greater.

President Trump and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said the new round of sanctions they announced recently were the heaviest ever on North Korea. But in reality, the new measures are an effort to shore up the existing sanctions, not to impose new ones.  Read More


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