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President Donald Trump recently claimed that he can relate to the strain experienced by federal workers living paycheck-to-paycheck. However, his efforts to prolong the current government shutdown—already the longest in U.S. history—suggest otherwise.


In addition to furloughed federal workers, this cruel, manufactured crisis has added immeasurable uncertainty to already stressed low-wage workers and families, disproportionately harming low-income families with children, people with disabilities, and seniors.

Here are just five of the myriad ways that Trump’s shutdown is irresponsibly harming and holding low-income communities hostage.

1. The paychecks of federal workers, contractors, and support staff are being withheld

An estimated 800,000 federal employees—and hundreds of thousands more federal contractors and support staff—have missed paychecks since the shutdown began on December 22. Initially, more than 420,000 employees were required to work without pay while another 380,000 had been sent home without pay.  Read More

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