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Trump should cancel North Korean summit rather than cave on denuclearization


President Trump should stand firm and refuse to back down from demanding the complete and verifiable denuclearization of North Korea, in the face of the communist nation’s new threats to cancel his planned June 12 summit with dictator Kim Jong Un.

Any sign of weakness President Trump shows – as previous U.S. presidents have shown – will only encourage Kim to dig in his heels and demand more and more concessions.

In the face of the North’s flip-flop Tuesday – from welcoming a summit to casting doubt on one and resuming hostile statements about America – President Trump should convey a firm message loud and clear to the Kim regime: There will be no summit unless the North is willing to agree to some sort of concrete timeframe to give up its atomic arsenal – with intrusive inspections guaranteeing that goal.

If Kim refuses to explicitly agree to this, President Trump must have the courage to walk away from the summit, depriving Kim of a historic photo op the dictator would no doubt cherish.

Walking away would also deprive President Trump of possibly winning the Nobel Peace Prize – but the prize would be meaningless if it were awarded for a sham agreement with Kim not worth the paper it was written on. President Trump need not demand full North Korean denuclearization at once. He could easily offer a step-by-step approach.  Read More


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