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Think Apple is going to protect your kids? Get real. We can’t depend on tech to control tech


Moms and dads everywhere are cheering the decision by two big Apple shareholders to demand that the technology giant do more to help parents limit how much their kids are using screens and what they’re seeing one them.

Finally, these parents are thinking, we won’t have to watch our children like hawks to make sure they are not accessing inappropriate content and to keep to a minimum the number of hours they are playing games, watching shows and using social media. Ladies and gentlemen, don’t hold your breath.

It’s nice that Apple now has some financial incentive to work on this problem – though the $2 billion worth of stock that these shareholders own is hardly enough to force the company’s hand. And that is assuming Apple can really control the problem.

Sure, it’s possible for Apple to shut down a tablet automatically after a couple of hours –though (Newsflash!) parents can already do that. But in terms of filtering out content, things are much more complicated. Different parents find different material inappropriate, and different material is appropriate for different children.

Even if Apple signs on to this project, what about all the other companies that are doing their darndest to get more “content” into your home?  Read More


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