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Sheldon Adelson spending $100 million to keep control of U.S. policies on Israel

Casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson is reportedly spending at least $55 million during the upcoming midterm elections in order to keep Republicans in control of Congress. Adelson’s spending commitment was first reported on Saturday by the New York Times, in an article describing how Adelson has become the most influential donor in the Republican Party during U.S. President Donald Trump’s time in office.

According to the report, Adelson’s total spending on behalf of the Republicans in the 2016 and 2018 election combined, will surpass $100 million, probably making him the largest single donor in American politics today. Adelson had previously spent tens of millions of dollars during the 2012 election in a failed attempt to help Mitt Romney, that year’s Republican nominee, oust Barack Obama from the White House.

[Editor’s note: Adelson has said he regrets that he served in the U.S. army rather than in the Israeli army – video below.]

Adelson, according to the NYT report, has enjoyed a “direct line to the President” since Trump entered the White House. The report also stated that Adelson “has used his access to push the president to move the United States embassy in Israel to Jerusalem and, more recently, cut aid to the Palestinians.” Adelson and Trump speak at least once a month, the report said.

During the Republican primaries in 2015, Trump mocked one his rivals, Senator Marco Rubio, for being a “puppet” of Adelson, who at the time was rumored to prefer the Floridian legislator over Trump. Back then, Trump wrote on his Twitter account that “Sheldon Adelson is looking to give big dollars to Rubio because he feels he can mold him into his perfect little puppet. I agree!” Read more

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Sheldon Adelson spending $100 million to keep control of U.S. policies on Israel