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Republicans will keep control of Congress this year — Here’s why


President Trump met with Republican congressional leaders over the weekend to strategize for the midterm elections in November and the president said he would not campaign for challengers to GOP incumbents in primaries. That’s bad news for Democrats, who had hoped a divided Republican Party would enable them to win majority control in the House and Senate.

I believe, to paraphrase Mark Twain, that reports of the death of the GOP majorities in Congress are greatly exaggerated. Come 2019, I expect Republicans to remain in control of both the House and Senate. Read on and I’ll explain why.

The left-leaning mainstream media – emboldened by the “Never Trumpers” – have been eagerly awaiting a Republican collapse.

For example, Politico has warned President Trump of a “2018 bloodbath,” suggesting the midterms could be “the worst” in history for Republicans. The Hill has predicted that the November midterms are the Democrats’ “best chance in years to win back (the) House.” Washington Post reporters gleefully anticipate a “politically difficult 2018” for the White House.

The left-wing Salon not only proclaimed Democrat Doug Jones’ recent election to the Senate from Alabama was “a very bad sign for the GOP” but also said it was the first indication of a “blue wave” of Democratic victories ready to turn Republicans into the minority party in Congress.  Read More


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