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There’s only one cure for the cancer of Trump’s presidency


The walls have suddenly caved in on Donald Trump’s presidency. First came Michael Cohen’s stunning plea agreement, in which Trump’s longtime fixer and trusted legal gun admitted in a federal courtroom in Manhattan that he had committed crimes at the direction of the president.

Then, in Alexandria, Virginia, Robert Mueller’s prosecution team notched a big win with the guilty verdict on eight counts reached by the jury against Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign manager.

Facing a second federal trial in Washington DC next month, Manafort will be under intense pressure to cooperate with Mueller in order to avoid spending the rest of his life in prison. After the verdict was announced, one of his lawyers said Manafort was “evaluating all of his options”, pointing towards the possibility of cooperation with Mueller.

A third wall crumbled over the weekend, when the New York Times revealed that the White House counsel, Don McGahnhad spent 30 hours providing information to Mueller. On Sunday, the president himself invoked Watergate in one of his fevered tweets. Referring to the man whose testimony led directly to the vote to impeach Richard Nixon, Trump tweeted that McGahn was no “John Dean type ‘RAT’” in a panicked effort to dispute and discredit the Times story.  Read More


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