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North Korea issued a list of criticisms against former Vice President Joe Biden, calling the presidential candidate “a low IQ idiot” and saying his “candidacy should not carry high expectations.”

Additionally, the North Koreans referred to Biden as someone “who likes to stick his nose into other people’s business and is a poor excuse for a politician.” The published commentary also said he “is misbehaving.”

The criticisms come after Biden, out on the campaign trail, recently criticized North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un.

In an opinion piece dated Tuesday, posted on the website of KCNA — the North Korean news agency — and translated by ABC News, said that Biden “dared to blaspheme our Supreme Dignity at a recent campaign event.”

The piece also declared that Biden’s “blasphemy” doesn’t “even meet the standards of basic human dignity, let alone a politician.”

It’s unclear if the KCNA piece was in direct response to Biden’s remarks on the campaign trail, but at a rally in Philadelphia on Saturday, Biden attacked President Donald Trump for his relationship with “dictators and tyrants like [Russian President Vladimir] Putin and Kim Jong Un.”

While campaigning last week in New Hampshire, Biden spoke further about the North Korean leader, “This is a guy with his uncle’s brains blown out, sitting across a table. This is the guy who’s a thug.”

Under Kim’s leadership, several top officials and some of his family members have been executed. Kim’s uncle was executed in 2013, according to KCNA, after he was arrested for corruption, acts of treachery and womanizing. And at least one high-ranking defense chief may have been executed with an anti-aircraft machine guns. Read more

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