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Michael Wolff: 25th Amendment discussed “all the time” in White House


Wolff, the famed author of the new book “Fire and Fury,” said that staffers inside the White House discuss invoking the 25th Amendment “all the time.”

NBC’s Chuck Todd asked Wolff if he had left out any “good stuff because it got in the way of the narrative.” The author has dominated news cycles for the past week, and his book has been quite difficult to keep on the shelves.

On Sunday’s “Meet the Press” Wolff explained that if he “left out anything” from his book, “it’s probably stuff that was even more damning” of the White House and the Donald Trump presidency.

“It’s that bad,” Wolff told Todd. “It’s an extraordinary moment in time, and the last several days focused on my book, I think are proof of this. What happened here? What’s going on here?” Wolff went on to say that it’s “not an exaggeration and it’s not unreasonable to say, this is 25th Amendment kind of stuff.”

In the aftermath of former President John F. Kennedy’s assassination, the 25th Amendment was ratified “with the goal of providing a thorough outline for what should happen in the event that the president or vice president should be killed, incapacitated or resigns from their office,” as Salon previously reportedRead More


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