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Democrats can win by tackling race and class together. Here’s proof


We’ve heard this line over and over again: Democrats need to woo the white working class. Of course, Democrats should endeavor to reach these voters – just as a basketball team that wants to win should score every possible basket.

But the people arguing this position aren’t merely mouthing a truism about elections. They’re staking a position in an increasingly contentious debate.

Arguments for courting white working-class voters are bound up with a corollary, often unspoken, claim: Democrats must choose between non-college white voters and voters of color. Baked into this is the conviction that appealing to one group necessarily imperils Democratic chances with the other. We have important new evidence that we discuss below that shows this is wrong.

We believe there’s a way to talk about racism that garners support from both people of color and white people. We are leading a large-scale research project to develop and test an integrated narrative that can bridge the divide between those who would focus on race and those who would focus on class, to create a multiracial progressive coalition for economic and racial justice.

Results from one of our many experiments are in, and while still tentative, they offer hope. A progressive coalition known as Our Minnesota Future partnered with us to test our storyline.  Read More


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