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Why Comey wants America to vote Trump out of office:Former FBI director James Comey revealed Sunday night that he was advised by his chief counsel that President Trump could wind up a target of the bureau’s investigation into suspected links between Trump campaign operatives and the Kremlin. That fact, Comey said, was one reason he refused the president’s repeated requests that he publicly clear him of any wrongdoing in the probe.

Comey’s comments came during a wide-ranging interview in which the former FBI chief, who had long prided himself on being above the political fray, unloaded on the president who fired him in unusually personal and caustic terms, describing Trump as a congenital liar who was “morally unfit” to serve in the White House.

In perhaps his most striking remarks, Comey even appeared to call on the American people to vote Trump out of office.

When asked by ABC anchor George Stephanapoulos if President Trump should be impeached, Comey replied: “I think impeaching and removing Donald Trump from office would let the American people off the hook and have something happen indirectly that I believe they are duty bound to do directly. People in this county need to stand up and go to the voting booth and vote their values.”

Comey’s strong language — unprecedented for a former FBI director — could be seen in part as a response to the president’s relentless attacks on him. In just the last few days, as Comey’s about-to-be released book, “A Higher Loyalty,” has begun getting media attention, President Trump has tweeted repeatedly about him, calling Comey a “slimeball,” a “liar” and a “leaker.”

The war of words aside, Comey’s interview was perhaps more significant for shedding new light on the thinking within the FBI about the president’s potential liability in the Russia probe.

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