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‘America First’ is exactly what Africa needs


President Trump is the best friend Africans have had in a long time. That assertion might sound strange, especially since the president reportedly disparaged African nations using an obscenity in a recent meeting, causing an international uproar.

But the president’s actions speak far louder than words. His America First policies are bolstering economies, reducing terrorism and increasing political stability across the continent.

Many pundits, diplomats, and foreign policy experts originally feared that the Trump administration would embrace isolationism. It hasn’t. As President Trump made clear at the recent World Economic Forum in Davos, “America First does not mean America alone.”

In fact, the White House’s policies are fueling massive growth in many African nations – some of which already have fast-growing economies. The Ivory Coast, Tanzania, and Senegal were three of the 10 fastest growing economies in 2016, according to the International Monetary Fund World Economic Outlook. In 2017, Ethiopia, Djibouti and Tanzania rose to the top.  Read More


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